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August 2023

 The Art of Great Photography

Hampton-Seabrook Kayak Tour

National Estuaries Week Contests

Mussel(ing) Up Marsh Restoration

NH beaches see record number of piping plover nesting pairs

Augmented reality app brings Indigenous history alive in Rye

June 2023


2023 Gulf of Maine Council Awards

Coastal New Hampshire Communities To Get New Hydrodynamic Flood Risk Model

UNH Report Shows Positive Changes for New Hampshire Estuaries But Challenges Remain

Portsmouth Tracks Impact of Rising Tides

February 2023


Salt Marsh Farming on the NH Seacoast

Status of NH Coastal Rail Trail

Making Waves – Coastal Resilency on the Seacoast

Graduate Student Feature: Green Crab Tracking Backpacks 

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November 2022


2022 Seabrook-Hampton Estuary Photo Contest Winners

2022 Children’s Estuary Coloring Contest Winners

Shifting Sands: Resiliency of NH’s Beaches to Storms

Ready to Toss Out Your Pumpkin? How to Keep Them Out of a Landfill


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AUgust 2022


2022 Seabrook-Hampton Estuary Photo Contest!!

Showcasing UNH Student Research Projects

Effects of Climate Change are Already Changing Life on the Seacoast

A Distillery is Fighting Invasive Crabs by Turning Them into Whiskey


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May 2022


Flood Smart Roundtable: FEMA Risk Rating and New Flood Design Elevations

CoastWise: A Year of Building Skills and Networks for Coastal Resiliency

UMaine Researchers Co-author Smithsonian Study About Indigenous Oyster Consumption

Seaweed for Dinner


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March 2022


Flood Smart Roundtable: Seacoast Transportation Corridor Vulnerability Assessment and Plan

Salt Marsh Birds and Their Conservation

Sea Level Rise Technical Report

Making Reefs Out of Unsold Oysters



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NH’s Coastal Rail Trail Webinar

UNH Receives Over $3 Million for Multi-State Coastal Restoration and Resilience Program

2021 Rising Tide Photo Contest Winners

Prepare! Don’t Let a Winder Storm Take You By Surprise


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September 2021


SHEA 2021 Photo Contest!

Make Your Own Rain Chain

Public Visioning Survey Results Are In!

UNH Receives $1.8 Million Grant to Study Road Resilience and Flooding


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June 2021

Take Our Survey!

Oysters: Nature’s solution to pollution

How Hot Showers and Toilet Flushes Can Help the Climate

Water Quality Friendly Lawn Practices


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March 2021

Floodsmart Preparedness

Flood Mitigation & Resilence Strategies

The Beauty of Blue Carbon

How Fast Are Oceans Rising?



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december 2020

Salt Marsh Ditching

2020 King Tide Contest Winners

Sampling Plastic Pollution

The Way Leaves Reflect Light Reveals…




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 october 2020

SHEA Photo Contest Winners

Rockingham Country Coastal
Flood Maps

Are New England Marshes Drowning?

Why Georgia’s 50 Year Old Salt Marsh Law Matters For The Future



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july 2020

SHEA Photo Contest

The Art of Great Photography Workshop

Keeping a Steady Eye on Sea Level Change from Space

Bringing Wetlands to Market



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may 2020

Green Grass, Clear Water

Protective Power of Wetlands

Role of Sediment in Our Environment

Four Types of Coastal Habitats


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February 2020

Flood Safety & Emergency Preparedness

NYC Startup Re-Nuble Turns Food Waste into Fertilizer

Beer Waste Helps Montana Town Save Money

One Minute Marshes


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December 2019

Flood Smart Roundtable

UNH Sails with Ocean Mapping with NOAA Grant

Bioplastic Made from Fish Scales Won Award

Making Household Cleaners



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october 2019

Durham Creative Art Project on Climate Change

Marshes Grow Stronger When Faced with Increased Carbon Dioxide

UNH Researchers Study Hurricanes




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August 2019

The Art of Good Photography

What’s the Difference Between Weather and Climate? 

Plastics or People? 

Know Your Tree Facts



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June 2019

Celebrate National Pollinator Week

Use Coffee Grounds in Your Garden

Ant-inspired Material Could Keep Buildings Cool

Canad to Ban Single-Use Plastics


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April 2019

Meteotsunamies Hit The East Coast

Green Crabs – It’s What’s For Dinner

Reduce Your Lawn

Surfboards From Dunkin Cups and Straws




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February 2019

10 Ways to Protect Estuaries

Oysters On The Half Shell are saving New York’s Eroding Harbor

Plan your Habitat Garden





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January 2019

First King Tide of 2019

Community Weather & Climate Change Tracking App

Floodsmart Roundtable Kickoff



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December 2018

Building a Floodsmart Seacoast

Long-Term Planning for Coastal Flooding

Salt Making in Hampton

Is your future home in a flood zone?



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October 2018

CAW Partners to Complete Coastal Resilience Projects

Solar Energy Largely Unscathed by Hurricane Florence’s Wind & Rain

High Water Mark Initiative for Coastal NH




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August 2018

Surrendering to High Seas

From Tree Spotters to Beach Brigades: A Golden Age of Citizen Science

UNH Studies Diners’ choices of underutilized fish species with local restaurants help 

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July 2018

What Alabama Can Teach You About Storm Resilience

2018 SHEA Photo Contest

Photo Workshop: Take Your Best Shot

Stand Up Paddleboard Demo






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