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Coastal Resilience Team (CRT)


In 2022, based on the success of Hampton’s Coastal Resilience Team (CHAT) in researching and formulating recommendations to help the Town address issues of coastal resiliency, tidal flooding, and storm surges, the Seabrook-Hamptons Estuary Alliance (SHEA) partnered with the Rockingham Planning Commission (RPC) to endeavor to create a similar group in Seabrook. SHEA and RPC met with the Seabrook Select Board and the Board voted to endorse the creation of the Seabrook Coastal Resilience Team (SCRT). Subsequent meetings with the Seabrook Planning Board and Conservation Commission, and the Seabrook Beach Village District Planning Board led to the formation of the Team.


To evaluate, assist, support, educate and advise on current and future coastal flooding adaptation strategies for the town.


Coastal Resilience Grant

Environmental and Usage Assessment of Seabrook’s Public Dune Walkways”  

An issue that was raised early in 2023 was the condition of some of the public beach access walkways that go from Ocean Drive, across the dunes to the beach. These walkways are the only ways to get from the streets to the beach in the northern part of Seabrook Beach. Some of these walkways are deteriorating to the extent that they may pose a safety risk to the public. In addition, there was a question about whether the existing walkways do as much as they could to support a healthy sand dune system.

In April 2023, with the support of the Seabrook Town Manager and the SCRT, the Rockingham Planning Commission, also with support from the Seabrook-Hamptons Estuary Alliance, applied for a NH Department of Environmental Services Coastal Program Coastal Resilience Grant to conduct public and municipal outreach as a first step toward creating a more functional and environmentally-friendly walkway system. The project was selected for funding, and the SRCT, with support from the RPC and SHEA, will begin work on the project in January 2024.




2023 Meeting Minutes

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