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New Hampshire Coastal Risks & Hazards Commission – The Commission has issued its final recommendations for preparing for and adapting to NH coastal risks and hazards. Download the report to understand the risks our communities are facing, and the Commission’s recommendations for managing and/or mitigating those risks. The Commission’s Science & Technical Advisory Committee Report presents the most recent statewide efforts to summarize climate science related to NH coastal risks and hazards such as sea-level rise, storm surges, and precipitation.

New Hampshire Coastal Viewer – The New Hampshire Coastal Viewer is an online mapping tool that brings coastal resources spatial data, hazards-related spatial data, and other spatial data sets within NH’s 42 coastal watershed communities together in one place.

Climate Change in Southern New Hampshire Past, Present and Future – This report describes how the climate of southern New Hampshire has changed and how the future climate of the region will be affected by climate change. This report is by Carbon Solutions New England, Sustainability Institute at the University of New Hampshire.

New Hampshire Lives on Water – This is the final report of the New Hampshire Water Sustainability Commission and makes recommendations to ensure that the quality and quantity of New Hampshire’s water in twenty-five years is as good as or better than it is today.


NH Homeowners Guide To Stormwater Management – Contains “do-it-yourself” solutions for stormwater management around your home.

Rain Garden Installation and Management – Rain gardens are beautiful as well as functional. Discover the benefits of rain gardens as small-scale stormwater management features and learn how to install and maintain one.

Landscaping At The Water’s Edge – This workbook offers shoreland properties owners (and those working on the property) suggestions for managing drainage, plant selection, landscape design and landscaping practices that benefit water quality and the health of the shoreland ecosystem.