Flood Smart Workshops

Building a Flood Smart Seacoast

SHEA’s “Flood Smart” program consists of two components: The Flood Smart Seacoast was a series of three informative workshops, organized and presented in partnership with the New Hampshire Departments of Environmental Services Coastal Program, during June, July and August, 2018.

The “Building A Flood Smart Seacoast” workshops were developed in partnership with the NHDEA Coastal Program and were designed to provide a broad range of information about various aspects of the impacts of coastal flooding on properties and structures. The goal of the workshops was to inform property owners and town officials, and to help those affected property owners make better-informed decisions about how to make their property more flood resilient.


The Flood Smart Roundtable is an ongoing series of informal discussions with coastal property owners and residents on a wide range of topics related to the causes and impacts of coastal flooding from sea level rise and storm surges.

Please see below for presentations from the workshops, and links to additional relevant information.

Flood Smart Workshop Series

 WorkShop #1

Intro to Coastal Flooding & Property Level Resilience Strategies

Why does it flood? How do salt marshes and dunes help reduce flooding? Is your property at risk? What can you do to enhance your property’s flooding resilience? 

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WorkShop #2

Options for Protecting Existing Homes from Coastal Flooding

Flood insurance: Required? A good choice? Premium reduction strategies & claim-filing tips. Elevation? Floodproofing? Which retro-fitting method(s) might be right for your home? 

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WorkShop #3

Smart Shoreline Management

What are your goals for dealing with flooding when it occurs? What factors should you keep in mind? What should you do next to figure it out if shoreline stabilization is right for you?

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Summary of the “Build a Floodsmart Seacoast” Workshops

Nathalie Morison, Coastal Resilience Specialist with the NHDES Coastal Program and one of the program’s organizers, wrote about her 6 key takeaways from the “Build a Floodsmart Seacoast” workshop series.

Click here for her informative blog post.

Workshop #1

Intro to Coastal Flooding & Property Level Resilience Strategies

The Protective Role Sand Dunes & Salt Marsh Play

Here is the slide presentation, used by Alyson Eberhardt in Workshop #1 to help explain how sand dunes and salt marshes help protect us from high tides and storm surges, as well as the other benefits they provide.

Click HERE to view the slides.


Flood Ready & Flood Protection

Click HERE to learn about what to have in a ready-to-go emergency kit if you and your family need to evacuate quickly.

Click HERE to sign up for local emergency notifications (text, email, or phone) through NH Alerts.

Click HERE for a FEMA document that explains how to protect yourself and your property, and details steps to take now so you can act quickly when an emergency hits.


During & After A Flood

Click HERE for tips on staying safe before, during and after a flood.

Click HERE for information about what you need to know about filing a flood insurance claim, tips on what you can do, and what you need to know before your flood insurance adjuster arrives, and other related visitors to expect at your property.

Click HERE for information about the dangers that may remain after floodwaters subside, and things to remember in the days after a flood.

Click HERE for tips on driving during natural disasters.


Understanding Your Flood Risk

Jennifer Gilbert, from the NH Office of Strategic Planning, and New Hampshire’s State Coordinator for the National Flood Insurance Program, presented some very helpful information about flood insurance for all property owners. 

HERE are the slides from Jennifer’s presentation.
FEMA Flood Map Service Center: Click HERE to search by address to determine if your property is in a Special Flood Hazard Zone.

FEMA Map Services: Click HERE for a step-by-step guide to searching and printing maps on the FEMA Flood Map Service website.

NOAA Weather Services Hydrographs: These sites show high and low tide predictions, including predicted amounts of precipitation for 2-3 days ahead. Click HERE for Hampton. Click HERE for Portsmouth/Fort Point.

NOAA’s High Tide Flooding Seasonal Bulletins and Annual Reports. Click HERE for these Annual Reports that provide a summary of events from the previous year, as well as regional predictions via the quarterly Seasonal Bulletins.

Workshop #2

Options for Protecting Existing Homes from Coastal Flooding

Local Floodplan Management Requirements

For questions about your town’s requirements, search your town website for the appropriate person. Most often, that person will be in the Building, Planning or Natural Resource/Conversation office.



North Hampton



Elevation certificates & surveys


 Click here to learn who needs elevation certificates, and why they need them.

elevating your structure

Click here for a FEMA documentation with considerations and guidelines. 

Click here for FEMA information about break-away walls, which may be used under an elevated structure in certain conditions. 


Living Shorelines

This report provides profile pages for different living shoreline types that highlight site selection criteria, design criteria, case studies and regulatory considerations.


Living Shorelines In New England: State of the Practice

Workshop #3

Options for Protecting Existing Homes from Coastal Flooding

Click here for the full slide set from Workshop #3. Topics include: Why Are We Flooding; How Landforms Help Us; Why Your Site Matters: Strategies for Shoreline and Property Management, including How to Keep Water Out, Live with Water, and Get Out of Water’s Way.

Important Contacts

 WorkShop #1

Beach Grass Common Garden


Alyson Eberhardt

New Hampshire Sea Grant & Cooperative Extension Specialist



Land Surveying and Elevation Certificates


Jim Nadeau

Nadeau Land Surveys




 WorkShop #2

Flood Insurance


Jennifer Gilbert, CFM, ANFI

NH Floodplan Management Program

State Coordinator



Bob Desaulniers

FEMA Region 1

Senior Insurance Specialist



For local floodplan management information, search your town’s website for the appropriate staff person. Most often, the person will be in the Building, Planning or Natural Resource/Conservation office.


In Hampton, contact:

Rayann Dionne

Conservation Coordinator



State Wetlands Permits


Eben M. Lewis

NH Department of Environmental Services, land Resources Management Program

Wetlands Inspector, Southeast Region Supervisor



 WorkShop #3

Living Shorelines


Kirsten Howard, CFM

NHDEA Coastal Program Coastal Resilience Coordinator





Dr. David Burdick

UNH Jackson Estuarine Lab




Dr. Tom Ballestero

UNH Stormwater Center



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