Coastal Hazard Adaptation Team (CHAT)

Upcoming CHAT Meeting

The next CHAT meeting will be held at 1:00PM on Tuesday, October 25.

Check back here about a week before the meeting for the meeting agenda and Zoom link.

Project to address coastal flooding in Hampton

The Seabrook-Hamptons Estuary Alliance (SHEA), in partnership with the NH Department of Environmental Services Coastal Program, has embarked on a long-term planning process to research and guide coastal adaptation strategies to cope with coastal flooding from high tides, storm surges, and sea-level rise in Hampton, NH. Phase 1 of this project was funded by a Climigration grant from The Consensus-Building Institute, and provided by the Lincoln Financial Group.

In Phase 1, SHEA and the Coastal Program have performed a “Situation Assessment” to better understand flooding impacts, costs, concerns, and experiences in Hampton. The Situation Assessment was based on the results of an extensive survey completed by 69 Hampton residents and property owners, plus select one-on-one interviews. See below to view the Situation Assessment.

The results of this Assessment will help inform an effort (Phase 2) to evaluate a range of strategies to “keep water out,” “live with water,” and/or “get out of the water’s way” at the property and Town-wide levels. The investigation and evaluation is being conducted by the Coastal Hazards Adaptation Team (CHAT). CHAT is comprised of members of the Hampton Board of Selectmen, Planning Board, Zoning Board of Adjustment, Department of Public Works, Hampton Beach Village District, Hampton Beach Area Commission, the Hampton Town Planner, the Hampton Conservation Coordinator, and three representative residents from different neighborhoods which are each impacted by rising tides and storm surges. The ultimate goal of this long-term planning process is to empower Hampton to plan for community-wide coastal flooding adaptation.

Situation Assessment

Click HERE for the results of the Phase 1 Situation Assessment.

2019 CHAT Review

This is a review and summary of the issues that the Coastal Hazards Adaptation Team explored and discussed in its meetings in 2019. It includes CHAT processes and procedures; mapping and other exercises that CHAT undertook, links to some of the resources CHAT consulted, and some of the findings that came from CHAT’s investigative work during the course of the year.


Click HERE for the 2019 CHAT Review

Draft Chat Recommendations

After almost two years of research, investigations, listening to guest speakers on many topics, the Coastal Hazards Adaptation Team (CHAT) has created draft recommendations for ways that the Town of Hampton may deal with increasing sea-level rise, tidal flooding and storm surge activity. Each recommendation includes suggested time to implement the recommendation; which groups might be responsible for overseeing or implementing each idea; potential partners outside of Hampton’s town government; a rough idea of potential costs associated with each recommendation; and potential funding sources for each.
As of December, 2020, the draft recommendations are being presented to Hampton’s Boards, Committees, Commissions, as well as to the public for comments and suggested edits. If you have comments or suggestions, please send them to


Click HERE to read the recommendation

Member Updates

These updates include new information from CHAT members related to flooding issues in Hampton.

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