“Every Drop”

Small Changes. Big Difference.

“Every Drop – Small Changes. Big Difference.” is a program of the Piscataqua Region Estuaries Partnership (PREP) and other like-minded, local organizations. The goal of Every Drop is to help us all learn about New Hampshire’s tremendous and varied water resources, and how we can both help protect them and enjoy them.

Visit the Every Drop website to learn about water resources for swimming, boating, hiking, camping, fishing, etc. Learn about local foods raised or produced with the help of our water resources. Learn about where you can take your dog to enjoy the outdoors and waters, and how much cleaning up after your pet helps keep those waters clean and pure. Learn about our important estuaries, including the Hampton-Seabrook Estuary. And follow the Every Drop blog to stay current about opportunities to enjoy and help our waters.

Click HERE for a video about Every Drop.

Click HERE to go to the Every Drop website.

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